How long is therapy?    

     The length of therapy varies depending on needs.  Short-term therapy is often successful for specific issues.  For more difficult struggles, longer-term therapy is usually needed.  Typically clients are seen on a regular basis, usually weekly for 50-60 minutes per session.


Accomplishing the most from Therapy

​     In order for therapy to be effective, active participation during and between sessions is necessary.  Being open to new ways of looking at problems, thinking, and behaving are indications therapy may be helpful.  At times it might feel like your therapist is pushing or challenging you, but this is normal, and often a sign of progress.  

What Is Therapy Like?

     Each person is unique and therapy is designed for their individual needs.  During the first session you will have the opportunity to meet me and see if you feel comfortable working with me.   I will get to know you and why you are seeking therapy.  Together we will complete a history form and I will have you sign a ‘Consent to Treat’ form.  Following sessions will vary depending on your goals for therapy.  Generally we will discuss what is happening in your life, the progress or struggles you may have encountered since the last session, the strengths you have, and steps needed to achieve your goals.


What To Expect


What Is Therapy?

   Therapy is a partnership or relationship between an individual, family, or couple and a therapist who carefully listens to understand their situation and wishes to help them better understand themselves, including their thoughts, goals, and values.  A therapist can offer a fresh perspective on a difficult situation. Client’s work, with the therapist, to develop new skills to help cope with life’s demands, improve relationships with the people around them, find ways to meet their emotional needs, set and achieve personal goals, and live a more satisfying life.  Therapy is not a ‘magic pill’ to erase the storms and stresses of life, make you forget painful experiences, or make decisions for you.    




As you nourish the seeds planted during sessions the seeds begin to sprout and take root, enabling you to grow and receive the most out of life.