I tend to take a holistic and strength-based approach to counseling.  I believe that each individual is unique and work with clients to help them discover their talents and strengths.  I do not have a “cookie cutter” approach to therapy and likewise do not believe that I am the right therapist for every client.  Should I have concerns about whether or not I am the correct therapist for you and your situation I will bring this to your attention; likewise, if you feel that I am not the correct therapist for you, please bring this to my attention.  We may be able to make adjustments in your therapy and/or I will assist you with finding a therapist better suited to your personality style.  What works for one individual may not work for another, as such, I am committed to working with clients to find solutions that work for them.  If at any point you feel another therapist may be beneficial I will be happy to provide a referral.  I am influenced by interests in psychodynamic and relational therapies, creative and expressive arts, journaling, role play, music, and imagery.  The most central ideas in my work include the following:Challenging and difficult times in our lives afford opportunities to learn.If we get “stuck” viewing them merely as “problems,” it is very likely that we will repeat those difficult times over and over again and feel like a failure for doing so.We all do what we do for a reason – the choices we make mean something.We take our experiences from childhood (and the lessons we learned from those experiences) into adulthood.Oftentimes, as adults, we need to unlearn some of those faulty lessons and re-learn more effective strategies for solving problems.The more time spent focusing on “problem talk,” the more time is spent in the midst of the problem; and, conversely, the more time spent focusing on “solution talk,” the more time is spent in the midst of the solutionThe goal of my work is to help clients find solutions and possibilities to the challenges they are facing.




Therapeutic Approach

   Therapy sessions are unique to each individual to help explore the solutions that will work best for them.  In addition to talk therapy, I use a variety of treatment modalities including:


     Identifying Strengths


     Guided Imagery           

     Creative and expressive Arts           


     Role Play





Just as certain selections of music will nourish the physical body and your emotional layer, so other musical works will bring health to your mind.

   Hal A. Lingerman